Why you should join our mission

Our partners will receive a tax deduction for any donation they give to Aviation Futures

Our partners may receive valuable insurance incentives by creating and following recognized industry best practices

Our partners will generate Good Will for their brand by giving back.

Our partners may feel the pride of Giving Back to their industry and helping the next generation of aviation professionals.

Our partners will have an opportunity to mentor the next generation of pilots and mechanics and the chance to be mentored by this next generation

Our partners will have access to a large pool of vetted & screened pilots

Our partners can reduce their attrition costs by exposing future professionals to real world aspects of their industry and help these professionals determine which industry is truly right for them before investing training dollars

For more information or if you would like to donate please contact us.

Current Donations Needed

  • Factory courses (pilot or mechanic)
  • Ratings and training on helicopters
  • Ferry flight time
  • Internships
  • Safety Courses
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