How it works

Aviation Futures (AF) is a Colorado 501-3c Non-Profit that was created in 2015 to secure free flight time in both fixed wing and helicopter platforms, free factory courses for vetted pilots and mechanics, and, to promote an honest career path for focused aviation professionals.

I hold a Commerical, can I join?

If you already hold a Commercial Certificate you may be placed in a flight straight away, otherwise you should get a CFI rating in order to utilize your license to its maximum.


Need to gain experience as a Rotary Mechanic ? Join out Aviation Futures Mechanic program for placement working beside some of the best Rotary Mechanics in the USA.

How much does it cost?

Costs depend on your experience level and training required to join the Aviation Futures program. Your Training will be carried out at Colorado Heliops.

What we give

In the year of 2017 AF provided over 100 hours of free flight time, including ~79 hours of turbine time (B206L3, B206L4, B407 and B212). We offer trips ferrying helicopters, working at Heliops and Black Hills Aerial Adventures getting hourly pay, and job placement with our Associates.

I dont have any experience

Enroll in Colorado Heliops Aviation Futures Career Pilot program. Heliops will teach you in all aspects of aviation, you will learn from the best! At completion of your Commericial Flight Test expect to be ready to be placed on your first Aviation Futures Assignment, ferrying helicopters, flying aerial survey flights even. Upon completion of your Flight Instructor Certification you are eligible to be placed in our job share program with an operator like Black Hills Aerial Adventures, you will be earning cash, getting paid to do the best job in the world !

Fixed Wing Mechanics Wanted !

Are you a Fixed wing A&P, wanting to come to the other side ? Let Aviation Futures help you with your transition and training to become a Rotary Mechanic with our Aviation Future Mechanic program.

Taking up the offer

Remembering that you are been given the opportunity to fly a multi million dollar machine at someone else expense you may be asked to cover your transport to and from the trip, hotels and meals. But on some trips the owners of these machines may cover all costs.

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